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Amazon just announced a whole bunch of new Alexa-powered Echo devices



Amazon Echo devices

Amazon has been releasing its Alexa Assistant-powered Echo devices for a while now and the company did it once again at a Seattle-based event this morning. At the Amazon headquarters, the company started its show with an Echo Dot device which now comes with an LED clock on the front as well. This is a very handy and welcome addition to the Echo Dot which now doubles as a desk clock as well.

Apart from that, Amazon announced its Apple AirPods competitor wireless earbuds which are named as Echo Buds. These buds have a case of their own and they retail for $129 and obviously have Alexa built into it so that you can ask questions to your assistant and get replies instantly. These earbuds from Amazon have noise cancellation as well as five hours of battery life.

Echo Studio speakers were also announced at the Amazon event which are $199 high-quality speakers that enable 3D sound. We can also say that Amazon’s Echo Studio speakers are similar to Apple’s HomePod and Google’s Home Max speakers. There was also the announcement of Echo Glow which is a $29 bedside ‘companion’. With the Echo Glow, users can set timers, play music and turn on “campfire” mode and it is pitched as a product for the kids to play with. Because kids can tap on the top of this device to change colours.

The biggest news from the event, however, is that Alexa assistant gets its first celebrity voice and it is none other than Samuel L. Jackson. He will be lending his voice for the Alexa assistant and we believe that the recordings have already been done so the update could be available very soon.

Amazon, on its pricing strategy, reveals that “We try to price our products effectively at about what they cost to make,” “We think that’s very aligned with customers, we don’t make a lot of money on them, we don’t lose a lot of money on them, but what we try to do is then make money both for us and developers when customers use the products, not just when they buy them.”

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