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Xiaomi launches Mi Mix Alpha, a prototype phone with 108MP camera and ‘surround’ display



Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

There have been a lot of smartphone launches from tons of different OEMs in recent times. We have seen smartphones with notches, pop-up cameras, slider cameras, and there has been a lot of innovation in this department. However, we were still missing a smartphone which is entirely made of glass. Well, not anymore as Xiaomi has announced its Mi Mix Alpha prototype smartphone. This smartphone from Xiaomi comes with a 108MP camera on the back which is twice the sensor size currently available. However, the camera is not even the main talking point of this smartphone.

Because if you look at the display of this smartphone, you will forget everything else. The ‘surround’ screen that Xiaomi likes to call it, is a display that goes from front to the back and almost surrounds the entire phone. There is just a section for the camera which is not a display otherwise everything else can be operated as a touchscreen. While we have seen Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X, this is a totally new concept. You don’t have to fold this device into half or flip the screen, this makes it a less risky prospect compared to the foldable phones.

However, this smartphone is still a nightmare to use as it is virtually impossible to not touch its display while holding in hands or even when placed on a flat surface. Now, that is not to say that this design will become mainstream anytime soon and even Xiaomi knows it. For this reason, Xiaomi has unveiled its Mi Mix Alpha as a prototype phone which will have a limited production run. You can get this phone only from China for a price of 19,999 Yuan which is approximately USD 2,800. Yes, this phone costs even more than the Samsung Galaxy Fold which already had a huge price tag.

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