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Samsung’s Galaxy Fold will come to the US in late September



Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung is one of those companies which is not afraid of trying a few things even if that means failing as a result. We saw this in the case of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 when the company used larger batteries but they started exploding. Later, the company apologized and replaced every Galaxy Note 7 around the world. Earlier this year, Samsung did a similar thing when it launched the world’s first foldable smartphone. This was named as the Galaxy Fold which came to the US later. However, the phone started breaking in the reviewer’s hands as they tried a few different things

But in this case, too, Samsung acknowledged its mistakes and went back to the drawing board to make some changes to the Galaxy Fold design. Earlier this month, the redesigned Galaxy Fold was launched in South Korea and it has already been sold out in the country. Now, Samsung is bringing the smartphone once again to the US shores where the pre-orders had to be cancelled.

It is known that the Samsung Galaxy Fold will go on sale in late September in the US stores. A customer asked AT&T customer representative about this and he confirmed that the launch date for Galaxy Fold in the US is set for September 27. However, he added that they know nothing more than that at the moment. This could be because they don’t want to reveal more or they genuinely are not aware.

The price of Galaxy Fold has already been announced by Samsung for a long time and they remain unchanged. So you can get your Galaxy Fold for $1980 in the US. Not only from AT&T, you might also be able to buy the Galaxy Fold from Best Buy or T-Mobile as well. Also, we believe that the prices of this device will come down in a few months time so you are better off waiting for the device.

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