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Huawei now says that Mate 30 series’ bootloader will remain locked



Huawei Mate 30 Pro

Huawei is going through some difficult times recently because of the US-China trade war. First of all, the company got blocked from selling their products in the US which is in place since long. However, the company was put into an entity list of the US which means that the US companies cannot work with Huawei. This meant that the supply of Android and Google services from Google was affected. While the Android support on Huawei phones still remain because of it being open-source, the Google services can’t be installed on Huawei phones.

However, the company decided to launch its latest Mate 30 series without Google Services. While the backlash was expected, the company had no other option as well. Without Google Services, the Mate 30 Pro which is Huawei’s flagship phone at this point, is called dead on arrival. But the company is trying hard to convince people that Google Services are not absolutely vital for a phone to function. But we also believe that Google Services have been used so much by Android users that it is hard to live without them. That being said, Chinese users live without them as they have an alternative which is not available globally.

Now, one thing that you can do to have Google Services on your phone is to unlock the bootloader, root the device and install the packages. Initially, Huawei said that they will allow bootloader unlocking on their latest Mate 30 series. But Huawei has now reversed its decision and have announced that bootloaders on the Huawei Mate 30 series will remain locked. This means that you have no option to use Google services on the phone. Having said that, Huawei is not at all against Google services. As the company already said they will push an update to install services as soon as they are allowed to.

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