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OnePlus confirms its OnePlus 7T will have 90Hz display and 23% faster Warp Charge 30T technology



OnePlus 7T

We have seen that OnePlus is one of those companies which has the strategy of revealing things prior to the announcement of its products. The company says that this technique from them increases the excitement of its fans. Also, the company reveals some controversial details regarding its upcoming smartphones too as it did with the removal of the headphone jack from OnePlus 6T.

This time around, we have some good news for OnePlus fans if you are looking to buy the OnePlus 7T. Basically, you might already be aware that OnePlus is releasing its OnePlus 7T series globally next week. Regarding the OnePlus 7T, the company has revealed that the smartphone will have a 90Hz refresh rate display. This means that the smartphone display which was seen on OnePlus 7 Pro will now come to the OnePlus 7T. Apart from that, we will see a 50% bump in the refresh rate as compared to the OnePlus 7 which has a normal 60Hz refresh rate.

Apart from the display, OnePlus has also revealed that the OnePlus 7T, along with the OnePlus 7T Pro, will come with faster Warp Charge 30T technology. You might be aware that OnePlus 7 Pro came with Warp Charge 30 that had 30W fast charging capabilities. Now, both the OnePlus 7T series phone will have this feature and it will be faster than the previous generation too.

OnePlus Co-founder Pete Lau said that “We believe that Warp Charge 30T offers the best charging solution for real-world usage,” “You can charge the phone at 23% faster speeds, even while using the device.”

To clarify this statement from Pete, OnePlus’ Warp Charge 30T will give faster-charging speeds, not charging power. This means that you will still get 30W fast charging but the speed at which the phone charges will be 23% faster. Therefore, we can assume that the OnePlus 7 Pro which was claimed to charge from 0-50% in 20 minutes will just take 15 minutes for the OnePlus 7T.

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