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LG’s approach for the Android 10 update shown off in leaks



Android 10 update

You must be aware that the latest version of Android has been released. We are talking about Android 10 update which is already available for Google Pixel devices. If you are confused about the name of this update, we are sad to inform that Google has decided not to name this update and future updates going forward. Therefore, you can also say that Android Oreo was the last update for Android named after a dessert. Now, it is one thing for Google to release an update for its devices and another to also send it to OEMs for them to send updates to their devices.

One of the first OEMs to have already sent out updates for its devices is Nokia. However, we should also note that Nokia runs Android One for all its devices. Therefore, they have to do extremely minor changes from what Google has on its Pixel devices. Thus, they are the first to update some of their devices to Android 10. Also, Essential is another manufacturer who has sent out updates to Android 10 for its Essential PH-1 which is the only phone they have ever released.

However, we are yet to see an OEM which develops an Android skin to reveal their updates for Android 10. Now, a new leak shows what LG’s approach to the Android 10 update will be. Basically, we get our first look at the upcoming Android 10 update on LG V50 and other phones which will be quite different from Pixel, Nokia, Essential or Android One devices.

First of all, we can see that there is dark mode on LG device seen in the screenshot. Apart from that, there is a drastic change between Google’s Android 10 notification panel and LG’s notification panel. However, the settings menu remains mostly similar and we can see that the gestures on LG’s upcoming update have remained the same as before.

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