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OnePlus CEO shows OnePlus TV teaser with smartphone integration as keyboard/mouse



OnePlus TV phone integration

We have seen that OnePlus is itching to reveal the latest lineup of smartphones as well as TVs to the world. On September 26, we expect OnePlus to launch its TV lineup as well as the OnePlus 7T series. As far as the OnePlus 7T series is concerned, we have known that it will come with 90Hz refresh rate on both the devices and upgraded Snapdragon 855+ processor. However, the main focus for this year seems to be on the OnePlus TV lineup which we have not seen previously. This will be the first time that OnePlus launches television sets in the market and the company is hyping the launch up as well.

OnePlus earlier said that its Android TV, the OnePlus TV, will run on customized version of Android TV OS platform. We now get our first look at what the software on the OnePlus TV will look like. Prior to this, we have been teased many times regarding the OnePlus TV but that was all related to hardware. For the first time, OnePlus CEO has posted a video of OnePlus TV’s keyboard as well as OnePlus smartphone side by side. Basically, we can confirm a few things by watching the video.

First of all, we will have a new OnePlus Remote app which will help you control the OnePlus TV from your smartphones. Apart from that, the OnePlus TV will be able to use OnePlus smartphones as keyboard input and you can use the keyboard of your smartphone to type on the TV. Now, we don’t know whether Bluetooth will be used but we expect it to be the case since IR blasters are not present on any OnePlus devices. Also, we can notice that the keyboard on OnePlus TV has a different layout to normal Android TV keyboards which shows that the UI of OnePlus TV will be different.

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