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Apple’s cheaper iPhone 11 is the most successful pre-ordered iPhone in China till date



Apple iPhone 11

We have reported about the latest product announcements from Apple which could be the biggest that they have done in the past few years. Now, the reason behind this is the declining sales of iPhones all around the world. While there are various factors regarding this, we believe that the lack of innovation in the newest iPhones are also a factor. We must also add the price factor of iPhones from last few years is also a concern for the market. For this reason, Apple released a cheaper iPhone named as the iPhone 11 which is basically an upgraded version of the iPhone Xr. However, it looks like the branding change from Apple has worked wonders for them.

Basically, Apple decided to not name the iPhone Xr successor as iPhone XIr or something else and just called it the iPhone 11. The successors to iPhone Xs series have been named as the iPhone 11 Pro. Also, iPhone 11 is priced even lesser than what the iPhone Xr launched at which is just $699 in the US. This is $50 cheaper than what the iPhone Xr was launched at last year. The most impact of iPhone 11 announcement is now seen in China where the pre-orders of this device have hit a record. China’s suppliers say that iPhone 11 pre-orders in China have been extremely high and they account for almost 62% of the total iPhones pre-ordered this year.

Also, this fact is reflected in the shipping dates of new iPhone 11 in China too. While the iPhone 11 Pro Max shows availability on September 26, the iPhone 11 will only be available next month. This means that the demand for iPhone 11 is very high and Apple is struggling to keep stocks of the cheaper iPhone. We saw Apple announce that the iPhone Xr had been the best-selling iPhone last year and we believe that the same will be repeated this year with the iPhone 11.

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