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Facebook is working on a Smart TV device and has asked Netflix and Disney for shows according to report



Facebook Smart TV

We have seen that almost everyone in the technology industry is focusing on making Smart TVs at this time. First of all, we had reports that OnePlus will release a new Smart TV in the markets which the company is constantly teasing as well. Later, reports emerged that Motorola is also working on a new Smart TV which they will add to its lineup. Apart from that, Apple is expected to refresh its Apple TV in the coming months as well.

Now, we have reports coming on regarding Facebook’s plan for a new Smart TV. The reports reveal that Facebook is also working on a new Smart TV. This means that we will see another new player coming to the smart TV segment. What this also reveals is that most of the companies are now looking at the smart home category as one to focus on instead of just smartphones.

However, we must tell you that Facebook working on a Smart TV is interesting in ways more than one. Because the reputation of Facebook has taken a solid beating in recent times because of the privacy issues that the company has had. Also, data leaks have become common from Facebook and millions of users have had their personal information being compromised.

Therefore, we will have to wait and see if people are willing to let a Facebook product enter into their living rooms which would also have implications on their personal data. The report, however, also adds that Facebook is in advanced talks with the likes of Netflix and Disney too. This is in order to get shows exclusively for its Smart TV which will increase the likelihood of people buying Smart TV from Facebook. Another report mentions that this device from Facebook is expected to be released in fall this year.

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