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Google Photos adds a ‘Memories’ feature which is similar to Instagram Stories



Google Photos memories

We have seen that Stories feature is being added to almost all the social platforms out there. The Stories feature was first seen on Instagram, then it was copied by Facebook and they added it to Instagram. Since then, the Stories feature has been added to each and every product owned by Facebook. Now, we are seeing that even Google is adding the Stories feature to some of its products. Earlier, Google added Stories to YouTube and it has received mixed reactions from the fans. Still, Google has gone forward to add Stories to Google Photos. However, Google is not naming this feature inside Google Photos like everyone else.

Google Photos’ memories is personal

The Stories-like feature inside Google Photos is called Memories. And there are some differences between Google Photos’ Memories and Stories seen on other platforms. First of all, you should note that the Stories are seen by everyone on other platforms and they go away after 24 hours. However, Google Photos’ Memories is private to you only and they help you recall what happened on that day in the past.

Google Director Shimrit Ben-Yair announced that “These memories are your personal media, privately presented to you so you can sit back and enjoy some of your best moments,”. The company adds that “We’re using machine learning to curate what appears in Memories, so you don’t have to parse through many duplicate shots, and you can instead reflect on the best ones, where the photos have good quality and all the kids are smiling,” Ben-Yair explains. “We understand that you might not want to revisit all of your memories, so you’ll be able to hide certain people or time periods, and you have the option to turn this feature off entirely.”

In terms of when this feature will be available inside Google Photos, Google says that it will be seen inside the app “starting today.”

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